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A trio of our best selling teas are packaged together.  These three black teas are always a hit in your tea parlor!

  1. Paris in a Teacup - Our best selling tea, Paris in a Teacup, is absolute perfection. A decadent black tea naturally flavored with French caramel crème brulee. A perfect respite from a busy day.

    This scrumptious black tea blend has a dark amber cup that is sweet and creamy with a finish that tastes like caramelized brown sugar.

  2. Figaro's Passion - A passion so pleasing is this marriage of fig and lavender. A bold black tea, Figaro’s Passion is blended with bits of fig and raisin with pale purple lavender flowers. Excellent iced or served hot.

  3. English Breakfast - English Breakfast Tea, the most "British of teas" is reliable any time of day, despite the name! Sisters Tea Company offers loose tea in resealable, 2 oz bags with brewing instructions.