Tea Cozy in Queen Bee

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This lovely Queen Bee inspired huggy-style tea cozy has a thick, insulated lining that keeps your tea pot warm. It's a medium sized cozy, with a drawstring top, two slots – one in front and one in back for handle and spout. The cozy covers all around and under your pot, but leaves access to the top, spout and handle.  Simply place your pot inside the cozy and pull the drawstring tight into a bow.

Your teapot is totally accessible without taking the cozy off. The Queen Bee huggy-style cozy fits teapots from 3 to 6 cups. This cozy is a high-quality, hand-made product using the finest quality cotton quilting fabric.  Made in the USA.

We suggest hand washing.  

Please note: These cozies are handmade.  You may notice slight variations in the design which are considered enhancements to the beauty of each cozy.

Tea pot sold separately. Click here to view our collection available for purchase.