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Rough Cut Demerara Sugar Cubes
a sweet and elegant touch to tea time

Could a box of sugar cubes be any sweeter than our beautifully packaged, Rough Cut Demerara Sugar Cubes? We think not. Our specially cut, little jewels of sugar are thoughtfully packaged in a re-sealable bag and protected in a sturdy box with a matching, sliding sleeve. These treasure boxes of sweetness will make tea time even more special.

Pair with our beautiful sugar tongs with rose design as an elegant gift for the tea enthusiast or for yourself. Complete this set with our coordinating gold tea spoon with the same rose design.

These Rough Cut Demerara Sugar Cubes come from the small exotic island of Mauritius, where high quality sugar cane has been cultivated for the past 300 years in the island’s rich volcanic ash. Prized throughout the world for its distinctive flavor and caramel aroma, these Rough Cut Demerara Sugar Cubes retain much of the delicious natural molasses goodness and golden hue of unrefined raw sugar, making it the ideal sweetener for teas and coffees.

Each box contains 4 ounces of sugar cubes.

2 cubes equal about 30 calories

Ingredients: cane sugar