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S'mores Black Tea is a year round favorite reminescent of our favorite bonfire treats of childhood. Smoky black tea is blended with bits of graham crackers crumbs, chocolate bits and marshmallows making it a fun tea to play with adding sugar and milk. This tea is always smooth and a joy to sip.

On its own, S'mores Black Tea has a light graham flavor and chocolate notes, while a little sugar makes the graham and chocolate shine; a little milk pops the creamy marshmallow flavor. This tea is excellent served hot and may also be enjoyed served over ice.

To prepare  S'mores Black Tea, measure one heaping teaspoon of tea leaves per one cup water. For more intense flavor, measure two generous teaspoons of leaves per cup of water. Infuse 3-5 minutes. Due to the inclusion of black tea leaves,  S'mores Black Tea may be infused a second time, although flavor will be lighter.

Store S'mores Black Tea in a cool, dry place away from bright light for up to one year.