Orchard Peach White Tea

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Orchard Peach White Tea
fresh peach flavor blended into top grade Pai Mu Tan white tea leaves known for their soft, honey-like notes

Orchard Peach White Tea is an extraordinary tea with bright peach flavor that tastes like peaches freshly picked from an orchard. The exquisite Pai Mu Tan white tea leaves in this blend give the cup a rich, jammy character while delicate hints of citrus finish with a faint lingering note of honey.

Pai Mu Tan is a luxury white tea is also known as White Peony and Silver tea. Unlike other white teas, Pai Mu Tan tea is derived solely from the delicate first buds of a specific variety of Camellia sinensis--var. khenghe bai hao. This single variety is grown only in the mountainous region of the Fujian Province of China. The flavor of Pai Mu Tan is aromatic and fruity with little astringency. It is often preferred by white tea enthusiasts for its softer and more subtle flavor and greater potency of benefits than other white teas. 

As a white tea, Orchard Peach White Tea contains low levels of caffeine.

Because they are minimally processed, white teas contain very high levels of antioxidants. White tea is highly valued for its greater polyphenol content than other types of tea. In addition, research has shown that white tea may have anti-inflammatory properties and help the body fight against type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Orchard Peac White Tea
is excellent served hot or iced and takes well to sugar or other sweeteners.

The addition of milk is not suitable for white teas due to their delicate flavor.

Traditional Hot Tea

Measure one to two heaping teaspoons of tea leaves per one cup water into a tea filter or into an infuser of your choice. Keep in mind, the infuser you choose must be large enough to allow the tea leaves to swell and unfurl. This allows the tea leaves to release their full flavor. Place filter into teapot or mug. Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a boil then pour into teapot or mug. Infuse 3-5 minutes. Remove the filter and discard or remove infuser and discard tea leaves. Garnish as desired with sugar, honey or other sweeteners.

Iced Tea
Measure eight to ten heaping teaspoons of tea leaves into a tea filter and place into a teapot or heat resistant pitcher. Bring 2 cups of filtered or freshly drawn water to a boil. Immediately pour boiled water over filter into teapot or heat-resistant pitcher. Infuse 3-5 minutes. Remove filter and sweeten tea with ½ cup sugar if desired. Add 2 cups of filtered or freshly drawn water to a serving pitcher. Pour in prepared tea and mix well. Add 2 cups ice and stir. Serve immediately or refrigerate.

Cold-infusion Method*
Measure six to eight teaspoons of tea leaves into a tea filter and place inside a clean glass jar or small pitcher. Position filter so that the tea leaves will be submerged and the top hangs over the side of the jar or pitcher so that leaves do not spill out once water is added. Pour four cups of filtered or freshly drawn water over the filter. Cover with lid or plastic wrap. Refrigerate 8-12 hours (or overnight). To serve this tea hot, simply pour the cold-infused tea into a saucepan over medium heat and gently warm to desired temperature.

*Cold-infused tea has higher levels of antioxidants and less caffeine. Cold-infusing allows fewer tannins to be released resulting in a smoother, less astringent taste to the tea. 

Orchard Peach White Tea, like all teas, should be stored out of direct light and in a cool, dry place. If stored properly, this tea should stay fresh for up to two years.

Ingredients: white tea, peach and other natural flavorings  (organic compliant)