Mad Hatter's Curiosi-tea

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Mad Hatter’s Curiosi-tea is a favorite among littles and grownups. This naturally caffeine-free tisane is a fun, fruity, whole fruit blend with hibiscus, peach, apricot bits, dried apple, currants and the curious addition of Jelly Belly beans! Don’t overlook this tea as a play-time tea, though. The powerful peach notes and jammy, sweet apricot make a curiously delicious cup of tea for all ages.

We suggest the addition of sugar or your preferred sweetener in this fruity, hibiscus-based tisane. Mad Hatter’s Curiosi-tea Tisane is delicious served hot and excellent served over ice. It is not recommended to add milk to tisanes.

To prepare Mad Hatter’s Curiosi-tea Tisane, measure one heaping teaspoon of tea leaves per one cup water. For more intense flavor or for preparing iced tea, measure two generous teaspoons of leaves per cup of water. Infuse 8-10 minutes. If preparing tisane to be iced, allow to cool slightly before pouring over ice. It is not recommended to infuse Mad Hatter’ Curiosi-tea Tisane a second time.

Store Mad Hatter’s Curiosi-tea Tisane in a cool, dry place away from bright light. Store up to one year under proper conditions.

Ingredients: hibiscus petals, apple, raisin, apricot, candied pineapple, elderberries, natural and artificial flavor, peach (contains--peach and rice flour), lemon peel, marigold petals, jelly beans