Hibiscus Bliss Mini Tea Sampler

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Hibiscus Bliss Mini Tea Sampler

There are good reasons hibiscus is so popular right now—it’s good for you and it tastes amazing! This powerful herb steeps a gorgeous hot pink color and packs a punch with its bold, tart flavor and potential health benefits like supporting heart and liver health as well as reducing the growth of bacteria and cancer cells. Paired with sweet berries or pineapple and coconut, this collection of our favorite hibiscus “teas” will all bring a little thrill to the teacup and no caffeine! That’s right, all the teas in our Hibiscus Bliss Mini Tea Sampler are naturally caffeine-free.

This sampler set includes four flavors of luxury loose leaf tea in four teaspoon tasting sizes. Each flavor will make up to four servings. That’s 16 servings per sampler set! Plus, four FREE TeaBrew filters are included for easy steeping.

Set includes 4 teaspoons of each:

Berry Mélange Fruit & Herb
Lady Hannah's Strawberry Hibiscus Fruit & Herb
Pink Flamingo Piña Colada Fruit & Herb
Wild Strawberry Fruit & Herb

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