Figgy Pudding

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“Oh, bring us some Figgy Pudding…tea! This naturally caffeine-free rooibos tisane is overflowing with cinnamon, raisin, ginger, candied pineapple and maple. It will have you singing for more. All the flavors of a traditional dried fruit pudding are now in a festive cuppa with a bonus of the benefits of rooibos and honeybush. Figgy Pudding is a seasonal tea and available only for a limited time.

Figgy Pudding is excellent served hot and takes well to sugar, honey and other sweeteners. Milk may also be added. Figgy Pudding is naturally caffeine-free, making it a lovely choice for evening tea drinking.

To prepare Figgy Pudding, measure one rounded teaspoon of tea leaves per one cup water. Infuse 5-10 minutes. Figgy Pudding is a rooibos and honeybush tisane and not recommended for a second infusion.

Store Figgy Pudding in a cool, dry place away from bright light.

Ingredients: rooibos, honeybush, greenrooibos, natural and artificial flavor, cinnamon bark, raisins, ginger root, candied ginger, candied pineapple (contains sugar cane, pineapple, citric acid), maple bits, safflowers