Tea Cozies

What exactly is a tea cozy? A fair question to be sure. A tea cozy, or cosy as the British spell it, is simply a cover for a teapot to keep hot tea warm for longer periods than unprotected teapots. A well made tea cozy--like these--will keep tea hot and fresh tasting for about three hours. 

These lovely tea cozies are beautiful and will add fashion to any kitchen, dining room or tea corner. Tea cozies can coordinate with any decorating style and a collection of cozies can help you celebrate the seasons and special occasions.

Special Features:

Please note: These cozies are handmade.  You may notice slight variations in the design which are considered enhancements to the beauty of each cozy. 

Tea pots are sold separately. Click here to view our collection of tea pots available for purchase.

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