3-cup Teapot, Rose Pink

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A teapot is the most traditional method of preparing tea. This lovely 24 oz rose pink teapot holds about three to four servings. To keep tea warm for hours, consider pairing with a tea cozy.


  • ceramic
  • matching lid with notch to prevent slipping
  • large handle for easy handling
  • built-in strainer holes between pot and spout
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe

Why use a teapot?

There are several advantages to using a teapot to prepare tea. It yields a better tasting tea, it creates convenience as several cups can be enjoyed from one infusion and, most importantly, it is a safe method of preparing tea.

Although it may be seen as an old-fashioned technique, infusing tea in a lidded tea pot produces a better taste than steeping tea, whether loose-leaf or a conventional tea bag, in an open cup or mug. This is because an open vessel will allow the boiled water to cool too quickly while the tea steeps resulting in a poorly infused cuppa.

Our 3-cup Teapots hold about three to four servings of tea, allowing the user to infuse one pot and enjoy multiple cups throughout their tea time.

A tea pot is the safest method for preparing tea. Our teapots are ceramic and are easily tempered with hot water to prevent cracking or breaking when taking in boiling water. These sturdy pots will securely hold hot water without danger of tipping and the large handle allows the user a firm grasp. The lid features a small notch to hold the lid on during pouring thus preventing tea from bursting out the top opening of the pot.

Our teapots are constructed well and will last for years. They are dishwasher-safe for easy sanitizing and, while we do not recommend microwaving good tea, these pots are microwave-safe.

To keep tea warm for hours, we suggest pairing a teapot with a tea cozy. Our handcrafted tea cozies are a convenient, wrap-around style and are available in several designs.