2021 Autumn Tea Sampler

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Our 2021 Autumn Tea Sampler is the perfect collection of fall-inspired flavors. This sampler is a lovely treat for anyone who loves a little variety in their daily teatime. Each cup evokes the wonder of autumn from classic flavors to the unexpected.

This thoughtfully procured sampler set includes 10 tea flavors in an assortment of tea types that include both caffeinated and naturally caffeine-free. Inspired by the crisp, colorful days of autumn, this sampler will delight the senses and capture the feeling of our favorite fall days.

Flavors include:

  • Berry Melange Fruit & Herb Tisane-- a richly flavored whole fruit blend composed of dark berries, hibiscus and rosehip (naturally caffeine-free)

  • Chai Americaine Black Tea-- a warming blend of cinnamon and clove buds with dried citrus peel

  • French Caramel Crème Brûlée Rooibos--same wonderful flavor as our signature Paris in a Teacup Black Tea, our best-selling flavor, in a naturally caffeine-free version

  • Harvest Apple Black Tea-- comforting blend of red apple bits, molasses and candied ginger

  • Paris In a Teacup Black Tea--this signature tea has deep notes of caramel and a rich creme brulee finish

  • Pumpkin Chai Spice Rooibos-- beautiful Masala Chai spice and earthy pumpkin taste in a mildy sweet honeybush base (naturally caffeine-free)

  • S’mores Black Tea-- classic chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow taste…without the mess

  • Spiced Pumpkin Black Tea-- freshly baked pumpkin pie flavor with cinnamon and clove

  • Sweet Dreams Fruit & Herb Tisane--sweet apple and warm cinnamon are blended with chamomile to make a cup as tranquil as its name (naturally caffeine-free)

  • Turmeric Bliss Fruit & Herb Tisane-- an excellent blend of juicy, citrus flavor and power-packed spices (naturally caffeine-free)

Individual samples are carefully sealed in gold foil, scent-barrier bags and labeled with flavor description, caffeine information and steeping instructions.

Each sample bag contains four teaspoons of tea leaves to make 3-4 one cup (8 oz.) servings of tea. 

This sampler set is beautifully wrapped in a reusable, gold organza bag.